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  Absolute Visibility Absolute Control Absolute Resilience

Serves as your source of truth for device and application health.

Provides you a lifeline to protect at-risk devices and data.

Delivers application self-healing and confident risk response.
Track hardware      
Report and alert on hundreds of hardware attributes
OS Support:
Monitor device leasing reports
OS Support:
Track new device activations and connection history
OS Support:
Leverage pre-built and custom reports
OS Support:
Flag missing devices and be alerted when they connect to the internet
OS Support:
Monitor Installed Software      
Assess installed software by device or population
OS Support:
Capture Device Insights      
Collect Absolute defined data points from the DataExplorer Library1
OS Support:
Configure the collection of custom data points tailored to specific needs using the DataExplorer Builder
OS Support:
Assess Device Security Posture      
Encryption status reporting
OS Support:
Anti-malware status reporting
OS Support:
Measure Device Usage      
Assess device usage by analyzing login/unlock and device interaction events
OS Support:
Report on average daily usage by device
OS Support:
Report on visited websites and understand the ROI from Web Apps in your environment3
OS Support:
Identify Sensitive Files On Devices      
Discover PII, PHI, PFI, SSN, GDPR data and Intellectual Property on/off network
OS Support:
Perform data risk assessment with estimated cost exposure
OS Support:
Identify devices with sensitive files syncing with cloud storage (Dropbox, iCloud, Box, OneDrive)
OS Support:
Monitor Device Location      
Track device location with 365 days of history
OS Support:
Define geofences to detect unauthorized device movement
OS Support:
Remotely Freeze Devices      
Freeze a device with custom message – scheduled or on demand
OS Support:
Set an offline timer to automatically freeze devices
OS Support:
Remotely Delete Data From Devices      
Selectively delete files
OS Support:
Perform an end-of-life device wipe with compliance certificate
OS Support:
Enable Firmware Protection      
Manage supervisor password at scale4
OS Support:
Secure, On-Device End User Communications      
Inform users by displaying important messaging on their devices’ screen or to solicit feedback
OS Support:
Query and Remediate Devices Immediately at Scale      
Run 130+ prebuilt workflows from Reach Library
OS Support:
Run Custom Powershell or BASH scripts on devices
OS Support:
Make Critical Applications Covered in Application Resilience Catalog Self-Healing6      
Mission-critical applications covered7
OS Support:
Other applications8
OS Support:
Investigate and Recover Stolen Devices      
Recover stolen devices
OS Support:
Service Guarantee for devices not recovered9 (Education only)
OS Support:
Derive Historical IT and Security Insights      
Absolute Insights for Endpoints10
OS Support:
Missing Device Reclamation Service      
Reclamation experts help to track, locate, and secure devices
OS Support:
Absolute Platform Components      
Absolute Persistence
OS Support:
Absolute Mobile App
OS Support:
Rules & Policy Engine
OS Support:
OS Support:
OS Support:
API Library
OS Support:
Cloud-based console
OS Support:
Predefined and customized alerts
OS Support:
Universal SIEM connector
OS Support:
Role-based access control
OS Support:
Single sign-on
OS Support:
2-factor authentication
OS Support:
Absolute Connector for ServiceNow®
OS Support:
  Visibility Control Resilience

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Security Focused Product

Ransomware Response

Absolute Ransomware Response enables organizations to assess their endpoint ransomware preparedness, monitor their endpoint cyber hygiene, and expedite ransomware recovery.

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  Absolute Core Absolute Edge
  Deliver a high-performance enterprise VPN Assure Zero Trust Network Access with optimized user experience
Actively improve the employee experience
Always-on connectivity, using tunnel and network session resilience (patented Network Resilience technology)
Video and audio optimizations
Secure application access via mobile-first enterprise VPN
Offering a smoother transition to ZTNA
Full visibility outside of the corporate perimeter
Powerful policy and prioritization engine
Patented dynamic access policies that are enforced at the endpoint
Real-time risk assessment
Restrict access to enterprise resources, no matter where they’re hosted
Patented, proactive diagnostics on device and network
Network performance analytics outside the corporate perimeter; from cellular to public Wi-Fi
Real-time geolocation dashboards
Customizable dashboards
Deliver a secure browsing experience for all by leveraging
  • multiple anti-virus scans
  • remote browser isolation
  • content disarm and reconstruction
  • data loss prevention

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